peacefulfish launched ENTER Europe in 2013, a training programme supported by Creative Europe MEDIA, enabling lenders, investors, and financiers from the 28 EU Member States, the European Free Trade Association countries, the EU candidate and potential candidate countries as well as the neighbourhood countries to deepen their understanding of lending opportunities and financing needs of the European Creative Industries (CI), involved risks and how to mitigate such risks.
At present, the Creative Industries (CI) account for up to 4.5% of total EU GDP and nearly 4% of employment. The European Commission finds a mismatch in supply and demand in the lending market: the CI are missing out on billions of euros in credit, creating a financing gap of up to €13.4 billion in the next seven years*.
This financing gap prevents companies in the sub-sectors of the CI, like the audiovisual industry, to grow as fast as they actually could and inhibits the creation of a functioning ecosystem for financing healthy and robust enterprises.
In 2016, the European Commission will be launching a new Loan Guarantee Facility for the CI worth €121m to encourage more lenders, for example house banks, to offer their sector clients credits. By lowering the risk for the participating banks, the Guarantee Facility intends to yield more than €750m in affordable loans.

*Source: European Commission

What is the aim of this course?

ENTER EUROPE will provide participants with tailored information to develop lending and financing products and services for entrepreneurs in the audiovisual sector of the Creative Industries. The training invites participants to start a dialogue, exchange experiences and expertise, and improve their industry and market knowledge through their work with experts and tutors including other investors and bankers, successful game developers and film producers, distributors, and legal experts. Focus lies not only on traditional and alternative financing models but also on emerging business opportunities in the mediatech sector. In this regard, the course also informs participants on the current key trends in the audiovisual market and provides funders with relevant knowhow concerning social media & digital distribution in order to build their own compelling and robust financing products for the audiovisual industry. Finally, the programme also serves as an access point for participating investors to engage with new financial instruments that are currently being developed by the European Commission and other financial institutions.

Why is this course so unique?

ENTER EUROPE come to you! No need to travel, you are saving time and resources! ENTER adopts a hands-on approach by supporting participants in turning their own funding & lending concepts into tangible, market-ready products. Besides, ENTER EUROPE targets finance organisations allowing each actor in the finance process to wholly understand the needs of one of Europe's fastest growing sectors and innovation drivers.
To discover the details of this unique offer see below!

ENTER a whole new universe

ENTER Europe offers banks, business angel networks, VC and other investor/lending organisations from the MEDIA member countries to hold customised workshops at the participants’ premises (with 6-8 people attending), followed by an individual six week online training to launch their own innovative lending and financing products.

Improve your knowledge of:

•    the financing needs of one of Europe’s fastest growing sectors and innovation drivers
•    successful business models and revenue streams
•    the CI’s actual profit-margins and solvency ratios compared with the overall economy
•    how to better assess the credit-worthiness of SMEs in the CI and its collaterals
•    ‘intangible assets' such as intellectual property rights
•    new lending models bringing together lenders, investors, and guarantors

Benefit from...

•    investment opportunities in partnership with other risk investors and lenders
•    proven models for risk mitigation and for maximising profits
•    learning how to benefit from the EU’s new Loan Guarantee Facility to lower financing risks
•    learning how to use European, national, and regional funds as well as tax schemes to lower your lending risk and to complement your risk investment
•    enhancing your ability in project evaluation and due diligence
•    identifying new market opportunities in the expanding digital and new media sector
•    building an expert network of pan-European financing and industry professionals