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What is the aim of this course?

ENTER UK targets the knowledge gap that prevents financing professionals in the British film industry from making more informed investment and lending decisions and from better assessing financing risks. Equity investors, public and private fund managers and bankers will learn which criteria and tools can be used to identify attractive financing opportunities and how to mitigate investment risks. The course introduces key trends in film- and digital content financing, as well as in the strategic use of social media and digital distribution to provide participants with the necessary insight to build compelling and robust financing products for the sector.

Why is this course so unique?

ENTER UK enables equity investors, business angels, fund managers, bankers and other financing actors to develop their understanding of investment needs in the British film sector, allowing participants to build tailored attractive finance products and services. This training invites participants to dialogue, exchange, and improve their industry and market knowledge, being trained by expert investors and bankers, by successful film producers, distributors and by legal advisors. Focus will not only lie on traditional and new film financing models, but also on emerging business opportunities in the ICT-based content industry. ENTER UK adopts a hands-on approach by supporting participants in turning their own investment concepts into tangible, market ready products. The programme also offers insight in how to work with new leverage financial instruments currently developed by the European Commission and other financial institutions.

Which skills will be improved?

•    A deeper understanding of the British audiovisual industry's value and exploitation
     chain - including emerging business, investment- and lending models
•    A knowledge of how to increase profits by using a private/public financing mix in the
     European audiovisual industry
•    A deeper insight in assessing financing risks and in estimating project revenue
     potentials in the film sector
•    An overview of legal aspects of British content financing
     (e.g. country-specific differences, IPR issues, copyright, etc.)
•    An understanding of country specific tax credits and other incentives
     across UK (e.g. EIS and SEIS Schemes) and of the particularities of co-production financing
•    The ability to discuss, develop and fine-tune own investment concepts and financing
     tools, with experts, industry stakeholders and peers to build tangible, market ready products

What are the course benefits to you?

•    Acquire necessary skills to source promising investment opportunities
•    Build your personal set of tools to assess financing risks and to make your investment safer
•    Enhance your ability in project evaluation and due diligence
•    Improve the potential and market readiness of your investment concept and product
•    Identify new market opportunities in the expanding digital audiovisual and new media sector
•    Build an expert network of British and pan-European financing and industry professionals •    Learn how to negotiate with film producers

Who should participate?

ENTER UK aims to help financiers and professionals active in the financing sector to identify financing and investment opportunities and to better evaluate risks linked to the British audiovisual industry. The training will provide capacity-building for financial investors and bankers to better utilize the financing tools available for film financing.

The course targets:
•   Bankers and other financial institution
•   Equity fund managers
•   Venture Capital fund manager
•   Business angels and Business Angels Network Managers
•   Family office managers
•   Private investors/high-net-worth Individuals
•   Financial intermediaries
•   Managers of regional funds
•   Managers of public funds