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Course Management of ENTER UK

Peacefulfish Ltd.


Created in 2000, Peacefulfish is a media consulting company specializing in film and content financing and in developing innovative financial instruments for fundraising for films and digital content. Peacefulfish clients include independent producers from around the world as well as public institutions, to support regional development through tailor-made financing tools or financial incentives for films. Its main expertise is rooted within the fields of conceptual analyses, qualitative research, market intelligence, training, and project management.

Funding Partner of ENTER UK

Creative Skillset


Creative Skillset is a licensed Sector Skills Council, helping the UK Creative Industries to be world-beating by leading the sector's skills and talent drive. Creative Skillset is an industry-owned organisation that actively involves trade unions, professional bodies and other stakeholders to address skills issues in our industries.

A Bigger Future 2 is Creative Skillset's three year skills and training strategy for the UK film industry, funded in part by the industry itself through the Skills Investment Fund (SIF) as well as by the National Lottery from the BFI. Building on the original A Bigger Future strategy, A Bigger Future 2 focuses on addressing the vital skills and training needs of the industry to deliver maximum economic and cultural return: safeguarding and creating jobs, nurturing talent and maintaining the UK's position at the forefront of the international film industry.